Events We Have in Mind

We have so many events in mind it is rediculous. But, to start, we are focusing on the Maid / Butler Cafe. As you read this, a team is working to put together venues, make deals with seamstresses, decide on menus, prepare classes, and more. We are aiming to be the best Maid / Butler Cafe in Chicago. Will you help us?

If you want to join us for the Maid / Butler Cafe or just help us advertise, fill out the form in the Membership area. People who check that they want to be Maids or Butlers will be sent a link to our ecommerce store where you can order your costume by way of PayPal.

We are also looking for people to help us pass out flyers at events relating to Japanese culture. Be sure to let us know if you can help! We are just starting out, so we are at a place where we can always use more people!

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